If you decide to open a store of clothes, shoes, accessories or coats in your city, we will help you with this.

we Have great experience in stores opening in different regions. We will tell you what you need for the successful operation of the store. The right choice of brands and professional selection of the collection is the key to the success of your business.

We will help you in the purchase of goods to open a store in the shortest possible time and in the orders of the collections in showrooms for next season.

Nothing is impossible for us - we can find a solution to any showroom to fulfill your request to any brand (with minor exceptions).

the Pozvonite us and we will introduce you to the fascinating world of Italian fashion!

Use the opportunity of buying products of the best Italian brands for business and personal needs.

Where is the best place to buy clothes in Italy? It depends on the level of price categories of clothing.

We will accompany you to the warehouse of ready-made garments, for orders in the showrooms and outlets.

We will inform you about places of purchase, on the terms of payment for the purchased goods, the possibility not to pay the Italian VAT, and the refund tax-free for goods purchased.

Experienced buyers will provide you with advice and translation services.

We offer you help to buy clothing over 250 brands of different levels - from middle class to luxury.
Шопинг в Италии Шопинг в Италии Шопинг в Италии Шопинг в Италии Шопинг в Италии

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